Blog - History of Blogging - The Difference Between A Blog And Website

Hello folks welcome to our site, today we are gonna be learning everything about what is a Blog - history of blogging and difference between a blog and website.

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Blog - history of blogging and the difference between a blog and website

You may already have an idea or you might even have read a couple of different definitions online, I will try to combine here the important elements and features of a traditional blog.
If you're new to blogging you'll find this information very interesting.

What is a Blog and how does blog works?

The boring definition of what is a blog is sort of a regularly updated page or a website.

Originally created from the words web and log it is the logging of one's thoughts, ideas,  experiences and more all in one place on the web.      

A traditional blog is essentially a kind of website or part of a website the owner of which regularly publishes content called posts. These posts are arranged in chronological order, commonly sorted by the date they were published from oldest to newest on the front page and are open to visitor interaction in the form of comments, because of these aspects blogs were once regarded mainly as online  journals, diaries, and logs.

The easier way to understand it is that our website is a blog when you're reading any of the posts on this website and the written content on it is a blog.

Basically, a blog means an information web post where you can share your views on a specific subject or specific niche, writing a blog is like writing an article but in an informal and a conversation way and the writer of the blog is known as a blogger

The blog itself is what holds the content in the blog post, what you're reading and in our case blog is the part of the entire website as a whole, this is why sometimes websites are referred to as blogs.

You may have probably seen many blogs around but what makes them so great is that they are easy to use and with a few clicks you can share thoughts, opinions, news, knowledge, anything.

Your blog is a  staple of who you are, it is the ultimate expression of you on the web.

Blog, Blog infographics, Blog body , blog themes

Your blog's theme is what controls how your blogs look, you can choose a theme and personalize it with your own colors or background images to find the look that fits you. It is easy to change themes as well so you'll always be sure that there's a look and feel out there that fits with your personality and makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.

Most themes are mainly made up  of five main sections :


blog themes, Blog infographics, blog header, blog body

The header is comprised of the blog's title or logo and main navigation menu.

blog infographics, blog body , blog header


The menu is the way that your guests or readers should be easily able to navigate the content of your site. Menus are a natural part of our web experience and it links the readers to the various content and pages found on the blogs.


blog, blog infographics, blog themes

Sidebars generally includes widgets and things you want to highlight such as your favorite links to a popular content of you, recent activity, social media tools, and subscription options just to name a few.

blog infographics, blog sidebars


blog footer, blog themes

The footer rests at the bottom of your blogs, this is typically used to display content that doesn't usually change, but that you would like your readers to have easy access to, including links to read more about you or a link to a contact page.

blog footer, blog infographics, blog animations

Content Area

blog animation, blog infographics, blog content

Lastly, the most important area of your blog is the body of the main content area.
Usually, this is the primary reason people have come to your blog, it is where your thoughts and ideas come to life as you share them within the post or page, the content lies within a post.

blog animation, blog infographics, content area

Difference between Post and Page

difference between blog post and blog page, difference between post and page

Pages are different from the posts , they're normally statically displaying standard content such as an about me or a contact page hosts, on the other hand, posts are all the good stuff where you publish all of your thoughts in a standard format. 

blog pages

Posts  get shown on the main page of your site,  usually in an order that places the most recent and the relevant information at very top of the list, these are things like your daily updates or news about your niche topic.
When a new story is posted, it appears at the top for the world to see. 
This used to be done earlier in the journals, posts are just an online version of a journal entry made public for others to see best of all posts, give the option for a comment section as well so that others can also add their thoughts to yours, share in a conversation with you or just provide feedback. This brings a community element to blogs which makes them a popular medium of expression and information sharing.

blog posts

Blogs make it very easy to share the videos, images and different types of media files, giving you complete freedom of creative expression and now with the popularity of mobile phones your blogs can be viewed anytime, anywhere in the palm of your hand, blogs are for everyone and people of all ages share their ideas on blogs every day, blogging is a great way to connect with other people and get all your ideas out there.

Difference between a  blog and a website

Let me give you some examples, there are three categories that websites fall under with blogging and this is where the confusion comes up and let me separate those into three categories for you.

The first is that the website is a blog.

The second is, the website has a blog.

The third is that the website is just a website.

It's easier to look at it from the framework of what the website is so, let's dive into a little more detail on each one and explain the differences.

difference between blog and website

1. Website Is A Blog

The first is that the website is a blog  as  you're on our site right now following this post then you are on a blog , it's primarily a blog because it is created and centered around updated content and blog posts that's why we refer these websites as blogs because it's all centered around the content that we create.

Shout me loud is an example of places that would mainly be considered a blog because, blog posts remain their primary content. Now if they called themselves a website or a publisher that's plenty fine to understand but they are still technically a blog, all right so that's the case when the website is a blog right so these websites are a blogs as it's their primary piece of content.

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Again when you go to the home page of our website or another website you see that our primary content are the blog posts that we are publishing

2. Website Has A Blog

Here's another scenario and that's the website has a blog, I think this is why so many people get confused about what is a blog and what isn't.
In this example the website has a Blog and uses it but, the primary content is not a blog post.

This is the case for most websites, as blogs are a good way to drive traffic and potential customers to a website but it's not the primary thing the website is centered around.

An easy way to see this is the email marketing service that we use, these guys are a good example as the  main web site has a lot of different things, it's actually software that you can purchase it for email marketing but, they do have blogs with the website

It means that they do publish updated content from time to time that being said the website has a blogs with regularly updated posts and it's an important part of their business but remember the blogging is not the primary content or the primary purpose of the website.

I hope that makes some sort of sense again people will call their website whatever they want to call their website but, at the end of the day, it's centered around the primary purpose of the website.

3. Website Is Just A Website

Now the final case is that the website is just a website, an example of this would be something like where they don't even have a blog but it's just a website and this is a cool website that provides a cool way to edit your photos.

This is a standalone website with no blogs that we use to create and edit our images more examples of websites like these are platforms like YouTube or Facebook these are just going to be considered websites.

Unlike blogs, websites refer to pages that tend to stay static or unchanged for long periods of time, this is where blogs and static websites are most different, blog posts are usually listed on the home page or the main blog page inside of a website with a short summary as well as a button or text to click through to read the whole post.

Businesses and famous large organizations all utilize blogs to help inform, educate and entertain their audience, they're a great way to provide information updates on your products or even your life, many lifestyle bloggers travel and use the technology to add updates of what they are doing and where they are.

History Of Blogging

history of blogs, history of blogging

First thing I often get asked is where on earth did the name blogging come from.
Well if you look at what is happened in the past, they had captain's logs.
If you think about Explorers like Columbus and Magellan they logged everything that happened every day and certainly some people kind of use it more like a public journal, most captain's knew that their logs would eventually get read and you have to know that everything you write in blogs gets read.

Another type of thing you've seen in the past is a scientific journal,  the scientists who wrote down all their findings or their observations that they saw every day and sometimes, they even knew these would get read.

There's another form of writing called micro blogging and - micro blogging is any form of blogging that limits the number of characters so, here on Twitter you're limited to 140 characters and this is also a form of blogging.

A blog is basically an online website where people share their ideas,  their knowledge about things it is an online diary or journal located on a website, it evolved in the mid ’90s and that time people used to run their own pages where they use to post their blogs , the content includes text, pictures, posts, old videos, scans from old pictures, photos or files, images, videos, animated gif or journals, etc.

It is basically a discussion or informational website, it is a type of website where contents are shown in reverse order that is newest to the oldest when the purpose of blogging depends on a person's own thoughts, ideas what they want to share about their life, some people even blog to share their own Ideas, their personal life and share the knowledge which they have, some people also use blogs as an online diary to write about the whole day like what they do and like how the things are going in their life.

Blogs can also be used for promoting a company or a business people also use blogs as a group discussion area where they can share each other's knowledge and also to business purposes like business groups and organizations where they use their ideas.

A business uses its blog just to gain more online popularity just to promote themselves and to show people that what will they build or what they do.

So where did all this stuff come along?

blogs, history of blogs

The web 1.0, this was the first version of the web started in the early 90’s called the read-only web, most people could just pretty much look stuff up just like when-when you went to your library, you went to look stuff up and fine and search, you couldn't really share too much or do other things in it.

Then we had web 2.0, it is the read-write web where we could share things and write things
Web 2.0 technologies are things like blogs and other things like wiki's and podcasts, we now call this internet radio a social network in all kinds your Facebook and things like tagging and something called RSS which not as many people are using now but, it actually sorts of a secret of power users of the internet in the web, we first started realizing that blogs were important when we had the first scalp of the internet here.

Types of blogs 

There are different types of blogs and bloggers who try to reach their goals through the blogs for example personal bloggers, affiliate bloggers, freelance bloggers, professional bloggers, niche bloggers, food bloggers, beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, business bloggers, and media bloggers.

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Now that you know what is a Blog , history of blogging and the difference between a blog and website, Why Blog? would be kind of the next question that we'd have. 

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