Types Of Blogs And Bloggers You Should Know Before Starting Blog

I'm going to talk about the different types of blogs, categories of blogs and different types of bloggers, before we go any further keep in mind that although there is no single accurate count for the total number of existing blogs, many sources agree that there are now more than 100 million blogs on the internet today, their sheer quantity makes it difficult to try to classify blogs and add to this the fact that there are no specific rules that specify the boundaries blogs must follow in order to fall under a particular kind.

It is important to get an idea of some of the more popular types of blogs before learning how to blog, this will make it easier for you to decide for yourself about approach, theme or direction to take for your own blog. 

types of blogs, categories of blogs

Types Of Blogs And Bloggers You Should Know Before You Start Blogging

There are many different ways to group blogs, to simplify matters let's look into classifying blogs according to the topic.
Blogs can fall under Personal, Themed/Niched, Mixed and Corporate /Business/ Official.
blog infographics, blog animation, types of blogs, categories of blogs

Personal Blogs:

types of blogs, personal blogs

Personal Blogs are the most common types of blogs and are often the easiest to find content for, this is because these feature personal life experiences and events or author opinions and thoughts daily life with their audience. such as making a difference through positive stories or influencing readers with own views. 

In effect personal blogs are the closest examples of traditional blogs they are essentially online Diaries and journals that carry a personal one.

Themed/Niche Blogs:

This type of blogs may or may not be written in a personal tone depending on the author's preference.  
Themed/Niche Blogs revolve around a specific area of concentration usually excluding highly unrelated topics. 
This is what makes them differ from Personal Blogs.

1.Fashion Blogs: 

types of blogs, fashion blogs

These are one of the most popular types of blogs, one who writes a blog on fashion and clothing are called fashion bloggers. It’s notably a big industry in the first place and has a huge audience globally in addition.
In other words, these blogs are very good for people who are very creative and keep a keen eye on style and fashion. You can start a fashion blog and start making money online at the same time.

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2.Parenting Blogs:

Also known as mommy blogs as well as dad blogs.
In general, a person who writes a blog about activities involving kids in general, parenthood guidance on baby food as well as techniques for early home education and more.
New parents usually worry a lot and are always willing to improve their parenting skills if you can help them out then, as a matter of fact, parenting blogs are for you.

3.Food Blogs:

types of blogs, food blogs

One who writes a blog on recipes, healthy eating, ingredients, fine dining as well as other food-related stories are called food bloggers
Food bloggers usually start with something simple such as reviewing their local restaurant and starts to cover other food-related topics also, as their blog grow.

4.Pet Blogs:

In general, one who blogs about pets health, as well as pet grooming, pet food, and training is called a pet blogger.

You can also write for people looking for pets about as well as animal shelters.
Surprisingly, This community has grown significantly in recent years.

5.Travel Blogs:

travel blogs

A person who writes a blog on travel, tourism, and places uniquely is called a travel blogger.
You can blog about travel in the first place or the places you've visited or you can choose to blog in particular about traveling to see colonial structures, while it is not compulsory to write only about travel, if you are a travel blogger but travel should be your principle niche.

These are becoming more popular each day. Due to cheap air travel, people nowadays are travelling more than ever before, and it is important to realize that they are always looking for travel advice, tips, and destination guides.
Ultimately Travel Blogs make it easy for other travelers to learn about places they have never been to. To sum up, in case If you love to travel, then we surely recommend you to create your travel blog.

6:Automobile Blogs: 

One who blogs not only about cars but, also about bikes topics including latest car/bike  models, their features, engineering, safety tips for drivers, and more is called as Automobile blogger.

People love reading about the features of their favorite cars online. It is a perfect niche to adapt to the people who love cars.
You can also blog about financing tips, corporate, financing calculators,  and banks offers, and finance schedules. It helps the reader find the vehicle in their budget without visiting showrooms.

7.Lifestyle Blogs:

types of blogs, lifestyle blogs

One who writes a blog anything and everything about his or someone's personal life, in particular, is called a Lifestyle blogger.
Lifestyle bloggers not only get opportunities to write for many publications but, can also become a speaker, be an influencer, and make a difference in society.

8.DIV Blogs:

DIY blogs have a very large audience and are very interesting. It has multiple sub-types such as arts and crafts, construction, wood-work, metal-work and more.

In the topic of crafts, you can have a general crafts blog or a specific crafts blog about crocheting.

9.Music Blogs:

music blogs, types of blogs

One who writes a blog on the best and trending music in the first place is a Music blogger.
You can write about different types of music such as jazz, pop, heavy metal, famous singers, concerts and more.

10.Movie Blogs:

A Person who blogs about celebrities, movies, reviews, as well as the film industry are movie bloggers, in fact, they have the largest audience on the internet.
Being a movie blogger has so many advantages such as you can be invited to watch premium shows before the public release of movies, so you can write reviews and generate buzz about an upcoming movie.

11.Fitness Blogs:

fitness blogs

One who writes a blog on diets, diet plans, workouts, supplements, health, fitness and more are called Fitness bloggers. 
People seek advice on how to stay fit from all over the world and they mainly rely on the internet.
In the area of health, you can choose to blog about health in general or about a topic such as low carb dieting in particular, similarly, in the area of fitness  you can choose to blog about fitness in general or about a topic such as workouts in particular,
It’s a great opportunity for fitness instructors to start a fitness blog and get clients online.         

12.Finance Blogs:

person who writes a blog about for businesses, investors, start-ups for individuals as well as families is called a Finance blogger.
People need advice and help to manage their finances efficiently. This gives finance blogs a wide audience ranging from families to serious investors on the other hand for people who are  trying to save or invest some money. 
Therefore It’s a good blog niche for the people who are interested in the complex world of generating wealth and managing money.

13.Sports Blogs:

sports blogs

One who writes a blog on sports, teams as well as athletes, players and more is a Sports blogger.
Every country in the world has different sports and every sport has its own stars so you can blog about sports in general or about boxing in particular, about the latest events all over the world. Or you can share the live status of multiple sports on your social media accounts that are linked to the blogs.

14.Political Blogs:

A Person who writes a blog about politics, as well as analysis of political news, is a Political blogger.
Big political parties tend to hire their own blogging team who will share the agenda of the political party and write about their plans /policies to attract more people towards the representatives.

15.News Blogs:

news blogs

One who blogs about news in the first place, it can be local news or global news climate change, scientific innovations, technology, politics, religion, and more is a News blogger.
News blogs are not only about sharing the news but also include opinion pieces to share the blogger’s own perspective of the news.

16.Gaming Blogs:

Gaming bloggers blogs about the latest games, gaming hardware, events, game cheats, gamers, reviewers, as well as official communities of big game developing agencies and more.
This audience has grown significantly in recent years and is very popular especially among readers.

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Mixed Blogs:

In between personal and themed blogs, there has emerged another types of blogs that is  the mixed kind, these feature a variety of topics, as well as tones which the author sees fit to publish.
There are a variety of reasons as well as motivations for setting up blogs like these, unless you're already a popular person or you have a well-formed objective in mind I would recommend you not to go down this path, because when you write about a variety of different it is very difficult to create a dedicated readership topic.

Corporate /Business/ Official Blogs:

These kinds of blogs are written for and about a specific company, organization, movement institution or public figure. 
Bloggers are usually commissioned to write according to the principles, values or identity of the official owner.

So what's the best kind of blog? 
Unless you've been hired to write for an organization or you own a company, you really have only two options a personal or a theme blog, the best kind will depend on your intentions purpose our objectives for blogging. 
Based on my own experience however I would lean toward setting up blogs about specific themes or niches.

Blogs with a specific niche are the ones that are likely to develop a following, there are groups of people out there that are absolutely dedicated to specific niche or topics as well as they might also follow you if you develop an awesome blog especially about their interest.
Take note though that you should never go for a niche or theme that is too narrow otherwise, you may not have enough information or content to publish.

Now that you know What a Blog is and what kinds are out there it's time for you to prepare to blog the next section we'll tackle defining your intentions as well as forming the right mindsets.
Once you have chosen your blog’s niche, the next step is to find blog post ideas that you can use on your blog. 
You can choose from this massive list of blog types and use right away.

That’s all for now. Hope we helped you understand the different Types of Blogs.
If you liked this article then share it with your friends and drop your views and suggestions in the comment blox.

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