Why Blog? Importance And Benefits Of Blogging | 2020

First, up Why blog, Why would you want to start a blog? What is the importance of blogging? What are the benefits of blogging? Well here I've got a few reasons for you and you can pick and choose any or all of these if you like.

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Why Blog? Importance And Benefits Of Blogging | 2020

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1.Blogging about your passion is Fun:

If you enjoy writing and creating content and are truly passionate about a certain topic or hobby or theme or whatever it is, if you're passionate about something and you love to share that passion with others, blogging should truly be enjoyable for you. 

The thing about blogging is that it will help further develop your passions by really diving into topics and learning about specific niches and sub-niches in your greater topic, you really can become more passionate about it, so if you do have something you're passionate about or just something you want to learn about blogging is for you. That's because it's going to help you develop those passions you'll enjoy working on it and your readers will appreciate the amazing content as well. 

2.It is Easy:

Blogging is definitely by far the easiest way to get started online.
It's the easiest way to start creating and sharing content and therefore building yourself a platform or an audience online.
There's no overhead.
If it's easy for you to just set up a blog and just start typing in the first place, and  there's nothing stopping you and you don't have to sit there being like, "I don't really like myself on camera," or, "I don't really wanna do a podcast,"
Or, "I don't understand the tech," or even like you said, the editing. You don't need to have a dedicated editor or learn the software to edit.
You just upload a blog post. Start there. See, It's easy.

3.It is Cheap:

Yeah, Surprisingly It's so, so true. In fact you don't need any fancy equipment. All you need is your computer and an Internet connection.

I think a lot of people think creating videos, creating podcasts, you have to buy a microphone and you have to buy a webcam and you have to buy camera equipment and lighting and all these things.
I'm not saying that it can't be done, but in terms of barrier to entry, blogging is probably the
Lowest barrier to entry, It's just very cheap to get started and if that's where you start, then go for it.

4.You will make a difference in the life of others:

Something that maybe you don't really realize in the beginning when you're just kind of trying to  get out of the rat race pretty much is that you will eventually make a change in life of others.  

In other words it is important to realize, especially in order to be successful you're going to have to help other people without a doubt, you can only be successful for a very short amount of time if you're not actually truly genuinely helping people. 

5.Make some extra Cash:

That's a very passive income source that's coming to you without any additional work and it's something that anyone can build, anyone can build an extra thousand dollars a month on Amazon,  extra five hundred dollars a month on email.
Just think about what next five hundred dollars a month on Amazon would do to your life, I mean that's gas that's groceries that's all of those things that really matter so you can build a passive income stream with a blog.


Well, people do a lot of things for fame these days, you know try to talk to celebrities, try to see they can get retweets but if you have your own blog you kind of creates the opportunity for you to be your own celebrity just like having a youtube channel.

 I'm not saying that most would do it for the same reason but fame comes with blogging, if you're a very popular blogger and you write good content that you have a lot of subscribers and people read your content a lot,  if you write something that appeals to your audience you know naturally people are going to know you and eventually become an Internet Celebrity.

blog animation, blog infographics, why blog, benefits of blogging

7.Open you to new Opportunities:

Another reason why blog is Blogging pushes you to learn and better your skills To gain Knowledge
One thing I learned quickly about starting a blog is that you have to stay on top of what's going on in your industry.
You'll want to be prepared to write about the news or the trends of the moment. And you always need to expand your knowledge, keep learning new things and you can then convey it on to your audience.
It's ultimately a way to help you become a better business owner.

If you're a blogger and you don't know how to design a website, you don't know anything about HTML just like I did when I started, nearly with the blogging thing you know it exposes me to now start learning the  programming language of HTML, CSS,  javascript and I can say right now I can design a  website from scratch and with that knowledge I got wire trying to customize my blog , I learned a little about copyright infringement, photography and a lot of things just comes with blogging.

8.Kick Virtual Cobwebs off your website:

Another reason why blog is to kick virtual cobwebs off your website.
By putting new content on your website and kicking the virtual cobwebs off your website Google will start registering your content and the google bots will go through your website and that's here actually get up in google ranking it's called SEO search engine optimization so, one of my SEO strategies is like a lot the logging blogging, blogging regularly with good quality information and Google starts ranking my website better and better .

When you're not updating new content on your site, that is when your website looks like a ghost town to your potential customers, so really important to kick the true cobwebs of your website, yes way to do that is blogging.

9.Blogging is a Challenge:

Another reason why blog is that blogging is a challenge because it challenges our ability, challenges are something everybody needs if you're not challenging yourself you're not going to be growing as a person or an individual so, challenges are good and blogging is a challenge and so I'd say that's a really good thing.

10.Improves your Skills to to satisfy Creative side:

Another reason why blog is if you want to fine-tune your skills in a certain hobby. 
Blogging is a lot like an online diary but not in a boring way, if you are trying to learn how to become the best knitter in the world, if you start documenting that journey and showing you know here's what I've learned , If you want to pass it on ,If you want to pass on the knowledge that you have gained and if you  think it's going to help somebody else that's an absolutely wonderful reason to start a blog not only is it really appealing because we love watching people kind of learn and grow that's very intriguing for an audience but, you're passing on that knowledge so you're fine-tuning your skills in a certain way and then you're passing on those skills to the next and so you become a really valuable resource.

11.Provide Value to help others:

Next reason why blog is to provide value by providing free information, free content, a bit of a story sharing something of value to your potential customer is the ground.

Blogging is a great way to to provide that free value I call it the Jamie Oliver factor if you think about Jamie Oliver he sells recipe books but he shares all of his really great recipes so by sharing your really great recipe and a verdict commerce through your blog that is how you're going to build your business so another main reason to blog is to provide value.

12.Builds a Relationship:

Another reason why blog to build a relationship through blog, through content that is when people get a little bit of feel for you, for your personality type and that' show you build that know like and trust factor so, when people get to know you, then you possibly get to like you and then trust you that's how you're also going to get sales which we'll talk about in a sec.

13.Make some Friends:

Next reason for why blog is to make some friends, I think you'll find an incredible and supportive community once you get started online.

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If all these reasons are not enough to get you blogging, the tips I am about to share with you will seal the deal. 
So, if you currently run a business and you're wondering if blogging is right for you or if you want to start a Blog so you can finally build that online business you've been dreaming about, you, my friend, are in the right place.                 
Now I'm going to share the reasons that will make you believe blogging is essential for online business owners and benefits of blogging for business. Want to find out what they are? Just keep Reading.

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14.Free PR:

We all want free PR for our business, we all want to create a reputation for our brand that is positive and is going to encourage further sales and custom in our business. Blogging is a way that you can do that.
There are very few platforms out there that will give you the opportunity to relate to your audiences on this level that is actually free in terms of cost. Obviously, there's the cost of your time and effort in creating your blogs, but if you do that and concentrate on your blog in a way that's going to benefit your business then you will get these costs back.

You will build a wider audience online, you will get a good reputation, you will be the go-to person, an expert in your field for your target markets. You can do this through blogging.

15.Drive traffic to your Website:

Whenever you publish a new post to your Site, it gives you new content to promote. So, this gives people a reason to check out your blog post and they just might spend a little extra time exploring the rest of your site. It gives them an opportunity to check out all those amazing products and services you're offering.
Now this is a primary goal of blogging, obviously you want more people to read your blogs, want to convert people to clients or you want to convert sales, that is a huge goal, but you also want to direct people to your website so that they're aware of all your services and all your products that you provide.

Now every time you publish a new blog or a new post or a new page on your website, it is indexed by Google, so that means when they're indexing it in the background that actually you are going to rank on Google somewhere for whatever topic you are talking about.
Now what we want you to go through your blog as we want you to use keywords related to your subject, related to your industry and field that can be used and indexed by Google so when people are searching on Google that your website and your page and that particular blog will actually rank on the first page of Google.
That's everybody's goal. That's something that we all aim for and that is going to increase traffic to your website guaranteed. If someone puts in a search that's related to your topic in question and it comes up on the first page they're very likely to click on it, so that reasons enough for you actually starting a blog and being consistent in your activity.

16.Turn traffic into leads:

Research shows that businesses with blogs generate 126 percent more leads than those without.
So every page that is getting indexed on Google via your blog is potentially opening new business opportunities for you and your audiences.
It encourages potential customers to contact you because you'll have a call to action at the bottom, which will explain a little bit more about your services and products and it will encourage people to do what you want them to do.

It could be a call to action that suggests that they have a look at another page on your website, check out your blog, follow you on social media - any kind of call to action will encourage your audiences to do more, to connect with you online in another way.
It could be that you want them to download an e-book, it could be a resource that they need to download. That is fine, but blogging will open the door to this opportunity for you and you will be able to track what exactly your audiences are doing.

You can use things like Google Analytics to track their behavior so you can continue to create content that is based on their behavioral pattern and their interests.
That is how you are going to convert genuine leads to sales. 

17.Create a Persona for your  Business:

Now through your blog, you're going to end up building relationships with people that will last a long time and to do that you need to have some personality in your blog.

You need to show who you are, what your brand represents and if you do that by writing continuously in the tone of voice, in the style that your audiences want to be spoken to, then you are going to be a successful blogger and that is going to help your customers and clients and different target audiences relate to you on a different level.
Blogging is an amazing way for doing this and it really will work.

18.Getting Interaction with your Market: 

Why blog because Blogging is a way for you to consistently get your brand in front of existing and potential customers in a way that avoids hard selling, it's in a way that's providing a solution to any type of problem they have - you're offering advice you're offering tips, you're offering expert advice for free that existing and potential clients are going to want to take advantage of and that builds credibility and trust in you and your business and will lead (hopefully) to increased sales and a wider engagement online.

If you're actually going to provide regular top tips, for me as a potential customer, I'm more likely when I need your services or products to come to you, because I understand you I feel like I know you and I know that you can provide a solution to whatever problem I have.

19.Promote Business by providing an Insight to your Audience:

Now blog analytics allow you to track the click-through to different pages of your website, popular topics that have been read the most, comments, shares everything like that, blog analytics will allow you to actually gain an insight into the behavior of your potential and existing customers and the wider marketplace.

If you know what topics of your blog are most popular and you get the highest engagement levels, you can actually create a campaign that is going to target this specific marketplace using the topic in question.
That is a way that you are going to constantly delight your audience and provide them with information that is of relevance to them.
If you do that then you are going to go a long way to build on a long lasting relationship that will really benefit your business.

20:Position you as an Expert:

Through your blog posts, you're able to show the world what you know and what you can do. So, when you publish quality blog posts that share your expertise, your audience will start to see you as an authority figure in your field and they'll begin to trust you. To make this work for you, you need to consistently share amazing, valuable content that your audience is looking for.

You need to solve their biggest problems with your content. So, in time, visitors to your site will start to see you as the go-to expert for whatever it is you're writing about. And this is one of the biggest reasons why you should blog because it will help build up the trust you need to establish
Loyal readers and fans.

21:Gives your Brand Voice:

Your blog posts are an opportunity for people to know you better.
They give your brand a voice and help you attract the right people to your website and, when done correctly, it'll help you repel the ones who aren't right for you.

While you may struggle to find your voice in the beginning, it will come if you just give it time.
You'll be able to strengthen your voice and become more confident with it the more you write. 

blogging for business, benefits of blogging for business, blog infographics, infographics

22:Help you build a Connection:

Blogging has allowed me to connect with people all over the world, partner with some pretty amazing brands, and also make money online.
The content you share and the voice in which you write with will be two of the factors that draw people into your brand. It allows your audience the chance to get to know you as long as you're letting your true personality shine through.

All of this will give you a reason why blog, which is building the KLT factor.
KLT stands for Know, Like, and Trust. And you can use blogging as a way to help your audience get to know you better.

So, when they get to know you better, they'll start to like you because you're awesome, of course.
And then they'll start to trust you, which, as I mentioned, is a key to succeeding in business. Your blog also opens the lines of communication between you and your readers.

23.Help you make the Sales:

Your blog posts help you attract your target audience to your website and allow you to provide lots of free content to them. And don't you love being able to try something before you buy? Well, all that free content on your site gives your audience a taste of what it's like to work with you or buy one of your products.

So, a great blog post is the stepping stone to turning a visitor into a customer, a subscriber, or a loyal fan. You really don't want to miss an opportunity to convert a new reader of your website.

24.Publishing blog posts are great for SEO:

This goes back to that point about blogging being a great way to drive traffic to your website. Other than sending general traffic to your site from the promotion that you do, it's also great for SEO. By blogging consistently, sharing quality content, and optimizing your posts, you'll get a boosting the search rankings.

So, when your posts start ranking higher and higher, it's going to gain you more attention.
People will be more likely to discover your content and visit your website.
 So, it's not only a reason why blog but also a reason why you should take the time to optimize the content you publish.

25.Blogging gives you a Competitive Advantage:

So, think about this for a second... You've come across websites for two different businesses that offer the same thing. They both have amazing testimonials from their customers vouching for them, which is awesome.
But one of those businesses has a blog that provides valuable content and the other business doesn't have a blog.

So, which one would you hire? Well, it's safe to say that many people would go for the business that is running a successful blog.

The reason the blog can sway people is that  It showcases the knowledge owner of a business has, which will ultimately help you in the long run. And as I mentioned before, top-notch content on a blog can play a huge role when it comes to building trust with your audience.
Having a blog will help you stand out from your competitors in your industry and you want to make sure you use that to your advantage.

26.Your Blog is under your Control:

So, here's the thing... Social media is great and all, but you don't own those platforms. If that beloved social media platform you spend all your time on shutting down one day, you'd lose everything. You'd lose all the content you posted. You'd lose the following that you built. But, that won't happen with your blog.
With a blog as a quintessential part of your business, you have a home base to direct your traffic. Only you are in control of everything you post there.

There won't be any character limits or any other kind of restrictions. You're allowed to do really anything and everything you want on your blog and nobody can take that away from you unless you're doing something super shady that will get yourself into trouble. But as long as are complying by internet rules, your blog is all yours.

27.Pinterest traffic:

So one thing is that if you're looking to get found on Pinterest, which is a great source of traffic, it's our number one source of traffic for sure, you wanna have.
So it's great for getting found and getting traffic and links to our freebies, but it's not getting shared like that. So our text blog posts are generating Pinterest traffic because we can have these.

The Pinterest optimized image inside our blog post. People who are reading them will click the little Pinterest icon in the corner and pin it, and we will share it on Pinterest, as well.
So I would definitely think about just having that text-based blog post just to be generating Pinterest traffic, which is super powerful.

28.Create an online resume for potential Clients:

So let's say that you love to do public speaking for a so topic you know maybe you're an expert in a certain field and you'd like to attract new clients you'd like to you know maybe pick up a few clients so that you've got some speaking events or maybe you want to break into the virtual assistant genre you'd love to be a virtual assistant for somebody you have to have a resume to show someone because for jobs like those you don't just walk into a building and hand over a resume and say "hi I'd like to apply for this job" 

It's a little different and with technology you have to have an online presence especially if you want to attract certain clients that will hire you to either speak or handle some sort of projects. 

29.Attract new or potential Customers:

If you want to attract new or potential customers for your products or product if you only have one so if you sell any sort of like workbook worksheet online course I mean honestly anything if you sell Excel spreadsheets how are you going to attract those customers right. 
So you're not opening like a store right down the street you need to kind of create this online store and the best way to attract potential customers is to you know write the blog posts or to have a website that kind of talks about the topic that your product kind of covers.

So if you talk about meal planning and you have a product about meal planning you should start a blog and you should write blog posts about meal planning because if people are online searching for meal planning hopefully fingers crossed they will find your blog posts head on over to your site and then see Wow awesome she or he also has a product and so they're more likely to buy. 

If you are writing about the topics that your product covers and people are attracted to your website they're already halfway there to buying your product because you have interested potential customers they are already interested in the topic that you are selling basically.

Well, that's a wrap Thank you so much for reading! And I hope these reasons will inspire you to finally start that blog you've been dreaming about. Don't forget to share it and drop your comments. For more tips on blogging and related, stay tuned!
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