Why Not Blog - All Reasons Not To Blog And Decide If Blogging Is For You

Today we are going to be talking about reasons why you should not blog so, it's a two-way street as there are two sides of the coin, blogs also have advantages and disadvantages. 
I don't know which one you want the first debate to appear, anyways I am going to go with the bad news first, right now i have all the Reasons not to blog, Why not Blog?
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Why Not Blog - All Reasons Not To Blog And Decide If Blogging Is For You


The first reason why you shouldn't blog is Consistency.
If you're not going to be consistent with your blog posts, I don't know why you should be doing it.
If you are not going to be posting regularly, like once a week at least, people post once a day throughout the whole week so, you have to be consistent with how often you post be it once a week or once a month.
Be it a travel blog or it's a personal blog, it's up to you to set your schedule but remember that you have subscribers who are looking forward to your content
So that's the first reason why you shouldn't belong if you are not going to be consistent with your blog post don't even try it.

2.You aren't willing to make the necessary sacrifices:

The second reason that I'll put up right here that if you are not ready to make the necessary sacrifices.
Yeah it is, don't let anybody deceive you as It's not easy it looks
You might go for the classes to watch all the youtube videos that talk about blogging and how you can go about it but, if you're not dedicated to it, if you don't spend a lot of time on it you don't get what you really want out of it so, If you think you will not be dedicated to blogging don't even go into it.

3.You won't make the necessary investments:

Next reason I have here why you shouldn't blog is that if You are not willing to make the necessary investments and feel it's a waste of your money.
You know we require some resources, I'm talking about money you spend on buying a domain name, buying hosting for your website and hosting files and then maybe you don't have a laptop or internet access.
You have to invest on all that just because you want to blog and then it turns out you derive no pleasure from it or you  can not go ahead with it anymore, you've wasted some money so, the first time you will start blogging you may invest in advertising  or invest in  somebody who creates a website for you .
So before you venture into blogging think twice now, you don't mind spending all this money on blogging and getting nothing from it but I know nobody wants that for themselves so that's another reason to think of why you shouldn't blog.

4.Invasion of privacy:

The fourth reasons I have is an invasion of privacy, you're opening yourself to the world when you blog especially, if you're doing about personal content and things like that you'll be writing about pets.
Now this might influence your daily life, the places you visit, people are going to criticize you so, you better be ready for that and if you're a private person you don't want people to be emailing you, don't be able to come up to you on the street and talk to you, ask you a necessary questions about what you posted, harass you then don’t blog.

5.You have nothing to say:

Next reasons I'll give you for why you shouldn't blog is if you have nothing to say.
Basically, you have to have a voice everybody does have a voice but, if you come online, you open your blog and then it's what people have said if you don't have any personal opinion to express.
You know there's nothing wrong with expressing your thoughts that's what makes the internet unique that's what content creation is all about you have to create your own content.
So, if you're going to blog and don't have anything to say,  people are not going to relate with you personally so, think about that for a minute, know your real self, do your real words come into play, It should be from you, from your heart, from your experiences for people.
Just picking everything from everywhere and using a lot of buzz words to express what you're thinking won't be working.

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6.Blogging isn’t a quick path to riches:

If You Want to Make Hella Money Hella Quick, If you want to earn any revenue from your blog within the first 2-3 months it may be difficult, although you can earn from your blog within the first 8-12 months, you will be doing well. 
Forget about making a living just within a few months of blogging. I have never seen it happen for new bloggers. Building a business around blogging is rewarding and fun and amazing to happen, but you can't expect it to happen overnight.
If money is purely your goal, there are many other paths to it other than blogging.

7.You won't write about what the market wants:

You may like writing but you can't spend all your time writing about yourself. Blogging requires more than that. You have to write for other people according to people's interest.I know so many new bloggers who thought they were great writers until they started blogging for an audience. Writing for an audience is very different from journaling or writing a diary for yourself. 
The audience will let you know if you are writing is as good as you thought. Most of the time, if your writing is not well received it means you are not relating to your audience and providing them with unmistakable value.To be a great blogger, you have to be good at writing in a relatable way. You have to write according to what market wants.

8.Blogging requires lots of patience, work, and stamina:

Blogging requires creating a LOT of content quality content. To be a successful blogger, you have to like creating content constantly. You should have an incredible amount of patience, a lot of work and stamina From creating blog posts to responding to comments and emails to posting on social media to creating guest posts for other sites, you have to be producing 1000s of quality words every week.

9.You can’t decide what you’ll write about:

Before setting up a blog, you must come up with at least 20 ideas you want to write about. If writing is not your thing, replace it with whatever suits you.
Coming up with a specific niche is one thing, but coming up with content for the next several years is a whole other thing.
You must be able to write down 20 topics easily that you want to cover in your blogging niche. If you can’t, then it will be really hard to come up with several years worth of content.
If you do come up with ideas, do try writing a few of them before investing in a blog. If you can’t write a post or two of which you are proud of, make sure to put blogging on hold or try to find another niche that you like to blog about.

10.You hate learning new things or technology:

Another reason why not blog is If you still use Internet Explorer, maybe you should not start a blog. Just Kidding!
What I actually mean is if you don’t even know what Internet Explorer is… you definitely shouldn’t start a blog.
If you hate technology, learning a whole new part of the internet doesn’t feel like the best idea.
You can start a blog from scratch and learn everything. The point is you want to learn or not.      
Learn about how to start a blog and set up a self-hosting  But, you have to be okay with learning about it. If not then probably do not start a blog.

11.You don't like blogging:

Next reason is pretty obvious, if you don't like to blog and like to do other thing then definitely blogging isn't for you 

12.You think it is as easy as it looks:

Blogging about yourself for yourself, without worrying about growing an audience, it is easy.If you want people to watch and like your work, follow your brand, that is where it gets tougher although It might look easy, you only see the finished products. 
You don’t see are the hours spent on writing, researching, editing, emails Pinterest graphic creations, etc.Garnering an audience for a blog is very much similar to attracting customers to your shop, the only exception is that you are the only person in charge of your shop. You are the boss, the employee, the editor, the marketer, the promoter, etc.

Trust me, blogging isn't easy, but in the end, it is totally worth it if you love it! 

That’s a wrap on all the reasons not to blog. Now, Let's get to the good news, reasons why you should Blog? and what are the benefits of blogging?

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