All Amazing Amazon Prime Benefits You Will Get In 2020

Amazon Prime is a great service that many of you may or may not use. Most of you know that you will get free two-day shipping on those two items and with the membership you can also get access to Amazon Prime video for great exclusive shows, what many people don't realize is that there are several other Amazon Prime Benefits that you can take advantage of if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Today I will tell  you all Amazon Prime Benefits that you may not know about.

 All Amazing Amazon Prime Benefits You Will Get In 2020

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1.Prime shipping:

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Amazon subscription can cut off your extra shipping costs and deliver your products at your doorstep faster.It is one of the best Amazon Prime benefits.

Let's assume you are searching for some product on, as you trust this shopping site more than any other. You found a product that you were searching for and added to cart. 

But then, what happens is, there is some additional amount added in your billing and that is shipping cost. If you purchase a low-cost product, you have to pay extra for the shipping. But it can be free when you subscribe to the Amazon

Amazon Prime customers get free two-day shipping through the service, At times, overnight shipping can even be free.
Amazon also offers the same-day delivery on qualifying orders in certain cities, so that means you are going to get fast-shipping all year long without paying any extra penny  for it.

Now there's also free same day shipping in certain zip codes/pin codes but that doesn't really apply to a lot of people so that's something that may be for you, you can research it a little bit.

2.Prime Videos:

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The next Amazon Prime Benefits is that you get it's amazon in-stream video and this includes unlimited streaming of the movies and the tv shows that they have available.  

You do get a lot of stuff with amazon instant video and we are seeing new stuff added all the time and just like all of this services Amazon Prime is starting to have exclusive tv shows just for prime members and that might be something that is really valuable to you now.

3.Share Prime With Family:

Amazon Prime might be tied to a single account, but it can still be shared. In fact, Amazon has long offered customers the option to share certain Prime benefits, like free shipping and other perks, through the service.

However, be aware that sharing is only available to other members of the household, so those who want to share with friends at another location will be out of luck.

Two adults living in the same household can create an Amazon-Household to share certain Amazon Prime benefits. For more information, go to About Amazon Households.

4.Free Trial:

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Amazon lets you completely test-drive it and actually get the full experience to actually see if it's right for you.

It’s kind of cool that you can always start out with a 30-day trial, and you can just experiment to see if it's right for you or not without paying anything. 

5.Prime Pantry:

Access to Prime Pantry now, this is something we haven't used very much, but it's kind of something cool to have access to.

If you wanna get some household items as well as groceries delivered to your house eat a much better price than any other service,you still have to pay, I believe, $5.99 for a delivery charge and you can fill up a box of stuff,but it's a pretty crazy deal compared to other deals out there. So it's just a benefit that Prime members have that you may enjoy.
Prime Pantry is designed such as it should be an easily accessible service for people to stock up on household goods. It sells everything from food and beverages to cleaning and beauty items.

It used to have a fee of $5.99 per order, but recently pricing structure recently got changed. Prime Pantry is now a subscription service that costs an extra $4.99 per month (in addition to your Prime membership) but includes unlimited free shipping on orders of $40 or more.

Orders under 40$ will include a shipping fee of $7.99.
If Prime members want to shop Prime Pantry items without joining the service will have to pay a $7.99 per order regardless of size or total price.


6.Cancel Anytime:

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Amazon prime allows you to cancel the prime subscription anytime, and you won't be charged for next cycle

This is what it's been like for years is that it's typically [119$]  Rs.999 per year membership fee. So 12 months, 999 per year. 

Pay that up-front, cancel anytime, but I don't think you get your money back, and they actually just added another option, which is a monthly charge, and that is at [12.99$] Rs.129 per month, which is kind of nice. 

Obviously, it's gonna be a little bit more for the year, but maybe you just want to do it for a few months to either test it out or only have the benefits for a few months without paying for the entire annual amount.

7.Amazon Family:

Now, this is something that a lot of people haven't even heard about, and this is a way to get 20% off your diapers subscription on Amazon, and a few other benefits that come along with Amazon Family as well.

Prime members get an exclusive opportunity to get family-oriented offers, discount coupons and age-based recommendations as part of their Prime benefits.
You can access Amazon Family by visiting
Amazon Prime member can avail Amazon Family benefits by creating a Baby Wishlist or a child profile for your child.

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, you will just have to subscribe to the Amazon Prime membership to avail the Amazon Family benefits. You can create a child profile as part of the Amazon Prime sign-up process.

Customers who identify themselves as the parents of the young children and create a child profile on, would receive certain products recommendations from Amazon. Customers will also have access to resources (including guides, relevant selections, and offers).

So again, you can see that if that's something that you're gonna use, that can add up pretty quick to cover the membership fee, especially with how competition Amazon's prices already are and how low they already are.

When you start stacking these additional discounts, it can add up to a lot of value really fast.

8.Prime Music:

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A lot of people are aware of Prime video and are using it but some of you may not be aware that Amazon even has a usic service called Prime Music that's included with  your membership, it has about 2 million ads free and on- demand songs, it has created playlists or you can create your own playlist and it also offers offline.

It's something that you may found to be pretty cool and to really tap into the power of it, you can download a desktop app and also a mobile app. 

9.Unlimited Photo Storage On Cloud:

amazon prime benefits, amazon cloud, amazon, amazon prime

This is one of the Amazon prime benefits that we actually haven't started using yet and is something.

A lot of people don't know about but we are super excited about it. it's called Prime Photos. So, this is pretty crazy prime members can actually have access to unlimited storage for their photos.

You can actually store unlimited photos on the cloud. So you can back up all the photos from your phone, from your computer, and just make sure that you don't lose anything if you were to have some sort of hard drive crash or lose your phone or something like that.
Now this is definitely Important, if the quality of photos matter to you because you can just upload all your photos to Facebook for free but those aren't going to be saved in their highest quality so this is a kinda nice way to back up all your photos.

Additionally, as a Prime member, you also get 5GB of storage for anything on Amazon Cloud.

So you could store video files, or your own digital music, or anything else that you would want access to.

10.Outfit Compare:

What Do You Think of This Outfit?
Amazon is now getting into style business. If you're a Prime user and if you have the Amazon app, you can access a new feature called the Outfit Compare.

Trying to decide what to wear for a first date? Getting dressed for a big meeting? Or maybe it's just an average day.
You can vary just one piece, your styling, or your whole outfit - it's up to you.
you can use Outfit Compare to choose an outfit for any occasion or just for fun. 

This feature asks you to upload a picture of you wearing two different outfits and send it off to Amazon. An Amazon stylist then looks at the images and tells you which outfit looks better on you. It takes about a minute or two to hear back from Amazon.

Add two photos of yourself wearing different outfits, A fashion specialist will review your looks and answer based on what’s in style and what looks good on you. and they will respond in about a minute to let you know which outfit looks better on you. The responses take into account how the clothes fit you,  which colors look best on you, how the outfits are styled, and what’s on trend right now.   

11.Early Access To Deals:

amazon, early access, amazon prime , amazon prime benefits

Get 30 minutes early access to Lightning Deals on

Amazon’s Lightning Deals offer customers an opportunity to get a compelling offer on select items. However, as the deal is offered for a limited time and on a limited supply, customers need to move fast. 

To give Prime subscribers an even better chance at finding a deal, Amazon offers them access to deals 30 
minutes before its non-subscribers. Who doesn’t like to get a jump on a good deal?

Prime is a really worth it during the holidays and not just because of you get the fast shipping when you are ordering things last minute but, because you are able to get the 30 minutes advance on lightning deals and the cool thing is that if you have never signed up for amazon prime before, You can actually do a 30 day trial during the holidays and get those benefits during the black Friday sales or the black Friday week and the 12 days of Christmas and all of that stuff with the Prime early access and if you ultimately don't feel you are going to use all that stuff you can just cancel after trying it out.

For more information, visit  About Prime Early Access.

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12.No Minimum Cost For Shipping:

Nice things about prime is that there's actually, no minimum so if you order one item for ten bucks that qualify for prime is coming in two days now there's also free same day shipping in certain Zip codes.

13.50% Off For Students:

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Amazon Prime is even a better deal for students.

Amazon Prime Student a Prime membership program created for college students.

As a Prime member, If you're a two- or four-year college student with a valid .edu email, you receive a six-month trial that includes Free Two-Day Shipping on over 50 millions of items, unlimited streaming of Prime movies and TV shows, unlimited photo storage with Prime Photos, 20% off pre-order and new release video games, exclusive deals and savings, and more!

After your 6-month trial ends, Prime Student membership makes you eligible to receive 50% off Amazon Prime and includes access to all Prime benefits. Join Prime Student today!

Plus, you'll get a $10 credit if you refer a friend.

14.Whole Food Discounts:

Another Prime benefit is for foodies. After acquiring Whole Foods, Amazon immediately slashed the supermarket's prices on selected food items.

Most recently, Amazon announced that Prime members can enjoy exclusive savings at Whole Foods locations nationwide. Amazon also announced free 2-hour Whole Foods deliveries via the company's Prime Now service. Deliveries are available in select cities only recently, 

Amazon promised price cuts with savings on a variety of in-season produce, seafood, meat and more. 

15.Prime Now (Where Available):

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Although it is only available in a few selected markets, Prime Now gives consumers an opportunity to receive select items in as little as an hour.

In select cities, Prime Now offers one-hour delivery on tens of thousands of products from local stores sold through Amazon
Most recently, Amazon announced that they are extending Prime Now to include food and products purchased at Whole Foods. The service is currently available in select cities such as Dallas, Austin, Boston, and Virginia Beach, but Amazon has been expanding the service very aggressively. 

There are currently 29 metro areas that actually qualify for Prime Now, so that's something you can look into for your own area. And one little-known power tip here that a lot of people don't take advantage of is when you are signed up for Amazon Prime, but you don't actually want your items really fast in the two-day period, you can actually opt out of the faster shipping for a lot of different digital credits. And so we've used this a lot.

16.Alexa's Help:

Next in Amazon prime benefits is Enlist Alexa’s Help.

Amazon’s virtual-personal assistant also gets into the mix with Prime.

As a Prime Member, you can Alexa to do your shopping and help you choose from tens of millions of Prime-eligible items sold or fulfilled be Amazon.

Track Your Packages, Order a meal, Find a recipe for dinner.

When Prime users activate Alexa on products like the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, they can request the assistant make a purchase on millions of items sold through the marketplace. 

The service is available exclusively to Prime customers, so those who want to use the company’s virtual assistant for shopping help won’t be able to do so. Alexa owners can also get access to exclusive Alexa deals, which come in handy during the holidays.

17. Save Some Cash With Prime Card:

amazon, amazon prime, amazon prime benefits

Amazon Rewards Visa Card Amazon also lets you  to sign up for a Visa credit card that lets you buy anything in its site and earn rewards: Prime members with an Amazon Rewards Visa Card can earn 5% on Amazon  purchases, 2 % at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores, and 1 % back on all other purchases. Plus, you can also get 5% back on your Whole Foods purchases and even Non-Prime members will get 3% back.

Prime Video, Music and Photos and more with eligible prime membership you can earn 5%cashback at Amazon and whole food markets and 3% in other cases 2% at restaurants, drugstores,  gas stations and 1% back on all other purchases. It also offers Amazon Gift Card upon being approved for the card.
NO annual credit fee. Variable annual percentage rate 16.49 %-24.49%.

18.Amazon Free Time:

Endless Fun for Kids - Peace of Mind for Parents.

Using FreeTime Unlimited kids can access to thousands of movies, kid-friendly books, educational apps, TV shows, Audible books, and Android, iOS games on compatible Fire, and Kindle devices. Plus, kids can enjoy thousands of hours of fun with ad-free radio stations, Audible books and playlists, and a list of growing premium kid’s skills available on compatible Echo devices.

Parents also get access to easy-to-use parental controls which will allow them to find the perfect balance between entertainment and education. Parents can set educational goals, personalize screen time limits, filter age-appropriate content, and can also manage web browsing and content usage based according to their preferences.
After the free one-month trial, FreeTime Unlimited Starting at $2.99/month gives parents the confidence that all content is age-appropriate and kids unlimited access to a world of content to explore.

19.Prime Reading for Book Fans:

prime reading, amazon, amazon prime, amazon prime benefits

Prime Reading is a new perk that will allow your users to read more than a thousand books, comics, magazines, and other content absolutely for free. Best of all, there is no limit on how much content you consume as a Prime subscriber on the device you decide to read it.
Prime Reading can also be seen as a one-stop shop for heavy readers to get access to the content they care about without having to pay for it in the process.
Kindle first program allows Prime members to rent one free book a month before that book's original release date Kindle first is great if you want early access to popular books this is the key thing, you actually have an Amazon device to read it on. So you have to have a kindle or a Fire tablet or an Amazon phone, but if you've got one of those, then you're entitled to get that one free book a month. 

20.Free Games With Twitch Prime:

Amazon offers a selection of free games and in-game loot with Twitch Prime.  

Other Bonuses most gamers are already familiar with Twitch, which is the popular game-streaming broadcast service, but may not know about Twitch Prime. 

As an Amazon Prime user, you also get access to Twitch Prime, which will allow you to watch Twitch streams completely ad-free and you also get a few kinds of incentives like discounts on new games and few other things.

However, Amazon recently called off this service announcing that from September 14 new members will not get ad-free viewing. However, until subscription renewal members can continue to enjoy ad-free viewing. every Monthly along with in-game bonuses and "Free Games With Prime" Prime members can get a selection of free titles. 

21.Bonus Washington Post:

Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon provides a 6 months digi-subscription free of cost which you can read on your phone or tablet, after 6 months Prime members gets it for a discounted price of 3.99$ per month.

22.Video Games:

Amazon now gives Prime members $10 credits on pre-orders of select video games. Previously, Amazon used to offer a whopping 20% off on new, physical video games during pre-order stages.

That's a wrap on All Amazon Prime Benefits, if this article was helpful then please share this with your friends and loved ones and give your feedback in the comment box. 

What exactly is Amazon Prime and is it worth your money?
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