Create Gmail Account And Google Account | Quick And Easy | 2020

Create Gmail Account And Google Account | Quick And Easy | 2029

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To Create Gmail account or Create Google account quickly and easily open any browser on your computer or mobile and in the address bar type, and press enter and you will be redirected to the sign-in page of Gmail.
create gmail account, gmail login, gmail signup

2.Click on Create Account:

As we want to Create a new account, click on Create account button and you will be redirected to the actual signup form of Gmail that you have to fill out before you can continue.

3.Fill in your details:

gmail signup, gmail login, create gmail account
Select each box by clicking it and enter the right information

Type in your First name and Last name.

Choose your Username, this is your unique email address which people will use to send you emails or connect with you on different platforms so, give it a little time to choose what you would like your email address to be.
It can be any combination of letters numbers and periods, the at will be automatically added at the end so you don't have to type it.

If the name u have chosen is already taken, Gmail will tell you “looks like somebody already has this username” the simplest way to change it is to add a few numbers at the end or middle as you wish or select one from suggestions offered by Gmail.

Next, create a Password for Gmail.

Make sure you enter a strong password, try to make it something that you can remember but it's not too obvious.

A pop-up window warns you if your password is too short or if somebody could easily guess it.

Type your password in the next box to confirm it.       

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Note: To make sure you remember your password you may want to write it down on a piece of paper and keep it safely hidden away where only you can find it 

Click on Next, a new screen will appear where they will ask for your phone number.

4.Enter your Mobile Number:

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Enter your Mobile Phone Number and click Next.

You will get a Verification Code on your Mobile phone. 

5.Verify Your Mobile Number:

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Enter your verification in the box and click Verify.

A new screen will appear in front of you.

Note: When you enter your number, it will help to give you backup options to log into your account by sending you a message on your cell phone and you will be able to recover your email account in case you forget your password. 

gmail signup, gmail login, google
Enter your Mobile phone number.

Next is to enter a recovery email address if u have one.

If you have an existing email account with another service, for example, Microsoft Hotmail yahoo or even google enter it here, this is another backup option you can use to access your Gmail account again if you lose your password.

You can also skip entering this information if you'd like.

I always recommend filling in both your mobile phone and current email address if possible, but you can always skip entering this information if you'd like. 

Fill out your Birthdate
gmail, gmail login, gmail signup, create gmail account
Click and select your Birth month from the drop-down menu, click on the day box then type the date of your birthday, 

Click in the Year box and then type the full year of your birth.

By default, Gmail will hide your birth year if you want later you can change it up to hide the rest of your birthday too.

Choose your Gender
create gmail account, gmail, gmail signup, select gender
Click and select your Gender from the drop-down menu, you can choose Female Male or other if you don't want to disclose your gender for whatever reason.

Click NEXT. A new Pop-up message will appear on the screen. 

6.Accept Terms and Conditions:

create gmail account, gmail signup
google, gmail, gmail signup

If you want to read either of these documents click the highlighted words in blue when you're done entering all of your information click next step.

7.You are done:

Your account is now fully created.

Click Here ➠ Delete Your Google/Gmail Account,

Click continue to Gmail this takes you to your main inbox screen. 

gmail login, gmail signup, create google accoung , gmail inbox

You can use this pop up as a quick orientation to Gmail click 

Next if you want to learn more or click X to skip it.

You are now officially in your inbox.

gmail inbox, inbox, create gmail account

That's how easy it is to Create Gmail Account / Create Google Account

Why don't you go ahead and try it for yourself.

Click Here ➠ Forgot Your Password? Here's what you can do.
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