What Are External Links? Complete Guide On External Links

Hello Bloggers. In this post I'm going to be talking about external links or outbound links.
What Are External Links? Complete Guide On External Links

External Links

So what am I referring to when I'm talking about external links?

So external links are anytime you are linking to another website.

So I'm not referring to when websites link to you. Those are generally called backlinks or inbound links.

We're specifically talking about external links or outbound links and how they can help you with SEO.

So you may be confused. Most people, when they think of external links, think about people linking to them to help with their SEO.

Well, today, we're going to talk about how you should be linking to other websites and how it can actually help with your SEO.

You can't link to other people unless external links come into your site.

So keep that in the back of your mind of why external are so important.

They are literally the foundation of the Google algorithm.

So you can imagine that Google probably wants to encourage you to link out to other people, be a good citizen.

Obviously, the links into you are the most important but in terms of your page rank.

But in terms of your ranking, you're actually going to need both. 

So, where are we getting this information from? As usual, this comes from Google.
So let's proceed and go on with why you should be linking to other people.

So first off, the question is generally who you should be linking to because that's the most important thing.

Whenever you're going to be linking to another person on something, you want to make sure that you are going to trust them yourself because you're about to tell your users you can trust this source.

So only link to people you trust.

This is incredibly important.

So make sure you're linking to experts in the field.

If you're linking to your friends, which often happens in the blogging community, make sure these are bloggers that you actually trust the recipes of.

You're not just doing it because you're friends with them.

These are people that produce good recipes or great lifestyle content.

People that are experts in the field.

Incredibly important, again, that you are linking to other experts.

So example, in this particular blog post, I'm going to link to Google because who is the authority on how Google works?


Or if I'm going to link to other experts, it's going to be established SEO experts in the field. And those are people that I can ultimately tell you to trust.

If I linked to them, you're going to say, and Eric trusts this SEO guy.

He must know what he's talking about.

So it's incredibly important.

You see that transfer of trust.

That's the entire idea behind page rank.

So we have established really who you should link to, but why?

Why is it important to have an external link?

Be a good citizen.
Be a good internet publisher, link out,
linked to authorities, and you'll only help your ranking.
So thank you, guys.

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